About Me

Hello! My name is Alex. I'm a young and upcoming web designer, currently based in the UK.

I am what you would call 'that computer guy'. However it's not all as dull as it sounds.

Read ahead if you want to find out more about me and my story.


My Skills

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So Who Am I?

My name is Alexandru Vasile if you haven't already figured that out from the title. I'm a 20 year old upcoming Web Designer and Developer and I'm currently based in Leicester, UK.

I'm the kind of guy you can always find in front of a computer, in fact I probably spend at least half the day this way. I tend to poke around everywhere I can using the most important tool I've ever discovered, the internet.

It's the internet that got me to where I am today, that is an aspiring Web Designer, and total Computer Geek. You might be asking yourself what one can do sitting in front of a computer for so long? Well, learn. As the years passed sitting in front of a computer slowly started being profitable. Thanks to the internet I've acquired the skills you can see to your left.

Over the past year or so I've become very interested in following a design career, and so far the results have been pretty good. You can take this website as solid proof of my recent efforts.

But the reality is, I didn't do this just for me but also for you! I believe enjoying what you do for a living is a gift that not many people get. So I've figured why not use what I've learned to make other people as happy as I am. The result, once again, is this website. Feel free to explore, ask me questions on the contact page, or if you're interested go ahead and get a free quote! And of course, should you wish to know more about me, feel free to ask.