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Gift Card

Give the gift of web hosting by purchasing a gift voucher for the geek or computer guru in your life.
You can gift from £5 to £500, simply chose the amount on the order page.


24/7 Support

We're married to the job. What this means for you is that we are always here to help you out. 24/7 Tech Support is included with all of our hosting plans!


99.9% Uptime

Just like us, our servers are up and running around the clock! We guarantee 99.9% server uptime with every single hosting plan!


Powerful Hardware

Our servers are powered by the best hardware available to ensure the best performance! A quick peek under the hood would reveal Quad Core CPU's and 24GB of ram. Nuff said.


Bitcoins Accepted

In an attempt to change the world and the industry for the better, we have decided to accept the Bitcoin crypto-currency as a form of payment for our hosting plans. Yea, we know, we're awesome! Learn More

Why we're better than those other guys

To put it simply, we've made it our business to maximize customer satisfaction rather than profit margin. Perhaps what we are most proud of, is the fact that we do not oversell our hosting plans. Overselling is very popular among hosting companies as a marketing scheme to attract more customers by offering more than they (the hosting companies) actually can. The most obvious practice of this is when companies offer "unlimited" hosting plans. There are many problems with this scheme, but the main one is that the customer gets way less than he or she pays for and in some cases ends up with their website offline. We have built our business around customer satisfaction, that said, we are proud to say we do not oversell! You will get exactly what you pay for, so you never have to worry about your website going offline.

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