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What You'll Get

arrow   Free Domain Name*

Figured out the perfect name for your website or business? Make it a dot com* for FREE!

arrow   Hosting Included*

Don't ever have to worry about paying a monthly fee to keep your website up and running. Hosting is included!

arrow   Unlimited E-mails

Enjoy the freedom of having your own personal e-mail address! And if you're not satisfied with one, make as many as you want!

* For 1st year only. Dot com subject to availability. Free Hosting included for set period of time depending on size of website.

What You Can Expect

Nothing Less Than Perfection

Like anyone else I expect the best of everything, which is why I accept nothing less than perfection from any of my projects.

Simple & Functional

I believe that a good website is a clean and simple website which gets the point or product across to the audience.

Skills You Can Trust

With my knowledge of (X)HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP, I can guarantee that you will get your dream website. A website that can be enjoyed by both you and your audience.

On Time With No Stress

Sit back and relax knowing that your project will be done on time, with the utmost attention to detail and with no effort on your part.

Great Support

Nobody is left behind! If you experience problems with your website, just get back to me and it will get fixed in no time.

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