Web Hosting


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 Storage1 GB

 Bandwidth10 GB

 Addon Domains5

 E-mail Accountsunlimited



Web Design


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 Support30 min/month

 Logo Design99.95


Okotto Solution


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 10% OFF Web Design

 With Yearly Hosting





Okotto is a web services company that offers the all in one solution to all your web needs. At Okotto we believe in quality over quantity and

that is why we always strive to push the boundaries. Below are more reasons why you should switch to us today!

Why we're the best

No Overselling

Don't get fooled by "Unlimited" offers. Unlimited space doesn't exist, and unlike our

competition, we don't claim to have the impossible. Instead we offer real, quality

space and bandwidth that you can rest assured, will always be there. We DO NOT


The All In One Solution

Starting a website can be quite a challenge. We simplify it for you by keeping it all in

one place. We offer Web Hosting and Web design so you don't have to worry about

putting it all together by yourself. Choose one of our Okotto Solution pakages and

get it all done with just a few clicks.

Affordable & Quality Services

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. To ensure this, we work hard to

keep the quality of our services high while keeping the cost to you as low as


uptime support hardware

99.9% Uptime

We don't like being offline and we're pretty sure our clients don't

either. All our hosting plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee

so you don't have to ever worry about downtime.

24/7 Support

We know how difficult it can be to get things up and running,

especially as a newcomer. To help you out, we are standing by

24/7 to offer you the support you need.

Powerful Hardware

When it comes to hosting, we believe performance is crucial. That

is why our state of the art servers feature Quad Core CPU's with

8GB of RAM and RAID storage.

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